Club Meeting Minutes


Derry Pathfinders  (UNAPPROVED)

Date 10-10-17

Attendance - 11

Marion Gerrish Community Center

1.      Presidents Welcome – We will meet at AC park from now on.

2.      Correspondence – Info for camera for groomer. No decision made.

                              Used groomers for sale.

                              Email from Hampstead Fire about a memorial for Jim Degnan.

                                    Conversation led to a First Aid kit for the club. Neil to respond.

3.       Accept Minutes – Clarke motions to accept minutes from 9-12-17. Tom seconds.

                                   All vote -  passes.                                

4.      Secretary Report – Online sales are not available at this time per NHSA.               

                                We  received raffle tickets. We have a sign up sheet .

                                AC park will be ready for Safety Course. Will put on website this week.

                                BOD Report – Treasurers report tabled.                                            

5.      New Business – County meeting – AC Park  Monday Oct.23. Please bring desserts.

                                     Trailmaster meeting – John? volunteers to go with Phil. He will take

                                                                               signs course.  Nov. 18th Attitash

 6.      Trail Report – Maintenance days – Oct. 21 – Depot at 8am

                                                         Nov. 4 – Depot at 8am

                        Phil to call state about Rock trail.

                        Phil to call town about grading Weber forest

                              Phil to call Buster about mowing field.

 7.      Other business – November meeting is on Tues. the 14th at 6:30. This is our Pot luck dinner

                                      and safety course planning.           

 8.      Adjourn –

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Bruno


Derry Pathfinders

Date 9-12-17

Attendance - 10

Marion Gerrish Community Center

 1.      Presidents Welcome – Welcome to Marion Gerrish.

                                     Temporary until AC park is repaired.

2.      Correspondence – Thank you letter from Timberwolves

                        Presidents Meeting – Phil and Sue to go.

3.       Accept Minutes – Tom motions to accept minutes from April 11, 2017. Neil seconds.

                              All vote -  passes.                                

4.      Secretary Report – Membership collected - 6.

                              We should be receiving raffle tickets soon.

                              Phil to call Eric about AC park.

                                  We will have our October meeting at Marion Gerrish.

                                  County meeting may relocate to Fremont.

                                  AC park will be ready for Safety Course

5.      BOD Report – Treasurers report passes.                                    


6.      New Business – Online sales are not available at this time per NHSA.               

                                 Obtained Certificate of Good Standing needed for GIA.

 7.      Trail Report – Phil to contact town about tree in Webers forrest.

                        Groomer is registered.

                        Trail maintenance days to be announced.

                        Phil asked - volunteers for signs class at Trailmasters meeting in Nov.

                        Signs for - Caution Bridge Ahead - Phil.

8.      Other business – Grass Drags Working Fundraiser – Ron, Phil, John, Tom, Clarke

                            Colin recommends purchasing a backup camera for the groomer.

                            Good idea – He will get info for purchase.

                            Annual Meeting Report given. Good time/good food on boat.

9.       Adjourn –

Respectfully submitted,

 Sue Bruno


Derry Pathfinders

Date 4-11-17

Attendance -

1.      Presidents Welcome –

2.      Correspondence – Thank you letters from Easter Seals, Elliot, Frost Fest,

3.       Accept Minutes – Carol reads minutes from Feb meeting. Neil motions to accept and Ron seconds. All vote- passes. (March meeting was cancelled.)

4.      Secretary Report – Membership #320. Allows us 5 delegates to NHSA Annual meeting.

Neil motions to pay for delegates to attend meeting. Ron seconds. All vote – passes.

Attendees that volunteered are Phil & Sue, Tom & Mary, Carol, and John. John will be our alternate delegate.

5.      BOD Report – Treasurers report passes.                                    

6.      New Business – none

 7.      Trail Report – Saturday morning with Ron to fix gates. No summer grants.

Phil asks members to think about next year’s trailmasters meeting. We need someone to

take the mandatory signs course. Tree in Webers forest to come down.

 8.      Other business – Eggies on April 23rd at 8 am.

Elections – Tom motions the Officers remain the same.Carol seconds. All vote – passes.

                    Tom, Mary, and Ron agree to stay on as Directors. All vote - passes

9.       Adjourn –

 Respectfully submitted,

 Sue Bruno


Derry Pathfinders

Date 2-14-17

Attendance – 9

 1.      Presidents Welcome –  Welcome  Henry Daigle & Paul Ouelette.

 2.      Correspondence – Recent  Facebook posts read aloud.

 3.       Accept Minutes –  Clarke motions to accept Minutes from 1- 10-17.

                                  Diane seconds – Passed.

 4.      Secretary Report –  Membership report –  Now at 200.

                                        Membership  Application given out at Benson’s was updated.

 5.     BOD Report – Treasurers report tabled.                  

 6.      Activities –   Ride-In was another successful event.

                            Phil & Sue Bruno were presented with the Safety Instructor’s of the Year Award 

                               by Fish & Game.

                            The Frost Fest went well 4 sleds, ran all day. Thanks to those that volunteered.

 7.      Trail Report –  Ron & Colin spent Saturday grooming the trails.

                                Trail 500 was groomed from Kendall Pond Road to Indian Rock Road(old 111)

                                 Parking Lot CLOSED. Pond is not crossable at this time.

                                 Ron was out grooming again on Tuesday the 14th.

 8.      Other business – Club Ride  February 25th.  Meet at Wellington State Park at 8:30am

 9.      Adjourn – Motion to adjourn

  Respectfully submitted,

  Neil Croteau



Date 1-10-17

Attendance – 9

 1.    Presidents Welcome –  Welcome Bryan Romano.

 2.   Correspondence – No. Maine Trail Map.

 3.   Accept Minutes –  Ron motions to accept Minutes from 11- 12-16 and 12-13-16.

                                  Mary seconds – Passed.

 4.  Secretary Report –  Membership report –  Now at 120.

 5.  BOD Report – Treasurers report tabled.                  

6.  Activities –   Frost Fest is Feb 12th.                    

7.  Trail Report –  Groomer battery was replaced, Ron replaced the Wiring damage caused by mice.

                                    Plow Truck is ready to go.

                                    Boulder placed across trail at Roulston Road has been removed.

8.  Other business - County meeting report by Tom, Online membership discussed.

                                     $500.00 Donation to the Derry Timberwolves,  Motion by Neil, Tom seconds. Passed.

                                      County Basket – Ron motions $50.00 donation. Tom seconds. Passed.

                                      Ron motions $200.00 donation to the Easter Seals. Tom seconds. Passed.

                                      Hoping to have Club Ride, from Derry or out of Wellington State Park.

 9. Adjourn – Motion to adjourn

  Respectfully submitted,

  Neil Croteau


Derry Pathfinders

Date 12-13-2016

Attendance -  13

1.      Presidents Welcome –

2.      Correspondence – Received check for Ron’s participation in Grass Drags.

3.       Accept Minutes – Tabled. Secretary absent.

4.      Secretary Report – Clarke to write article for sno-traveler. Due Jan. 4th

                               Clarke motions to give $100 to Santa Fund. All vote-passes.

                               Tom motions to give $100 to food pantry. All vote-passes.

5.      BOD Report – Treasurers report tabled                                    

6.      New Business –

 7.      Trail Report – Phil gives approx. amount for Grant $. $2700/grooming and $1300/plowing.

                              Mice in groomer again. Re-wired and new battery. Rail trail planning –check

                              archives for Union Leader. Phil and Sue took GPS course at Trailmaster


8.      Other business –Dick reports lettering for trailer will be both sides for $500.00.

9.       Adjourn – Motion to adjourn for Christmas party.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Higgins

Derry Pathfinders

Date 11-12-2016

Attendance -  17

1.      Presidents Welcome –

2.      Correspondence – Trailmaster meeting. Phil asks for volunteers to go. Phil & Sue to attend.                     

                                          Dick motions for club to pay for attendees. Clarke seconds.

                                          All vote –  passes. 

                                     Phil asks for members to collect Grass Drags History for NHSA.

3.       Accept Minutes –Clarke motions to accept minutes from 10-11- 2016.

                              Carol seconds – Passed.

4.      Secretary Report – Tom volunteers to write article for sno-traveler.

5.      BOD Report – Treasurers report passed.                                       

6.      New Business –

7.      Trail Report – Trail work day is Nov. 20th Depot at 8 am. Tom, Carol, and Ron.

                             Groomer needs battery. Phil to follow up.

                             Dick suggests we letter the trailer in place of signage at parking lot.

                                     Clarke motions not to exceed $500 to get trailer lettered. Carol seconds.

                                     All vote – passes. Dick to follow up.                               

8.      Other business –Safety course- Mary volunteers to be head instructor. Tom motions that club              

                                pay for instructors lunch. Clarke seconds. All vote- passes. Members bring

                               articles for raffle basket. Phil to call Derry Fire for EMT. Phil to call Fish &

                              Game for CO. Clarke to bring his sled. Dick to bring apples for snack. We

                              need hot chocolate and munchkins.

9.       Adjourn – Motion to adjourn  

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Bruno